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TNL Moment

nadampot lang sa facebook ni tnl ben.

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Addendum sa pagka-Tunay Na Lalake ng North Korea

galing kay tnl Wilbur Calo

Bisaya ka man dong?

Galing kay TNL na Henry Apor Jr

Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon: Tunay Na Lalake

tunay na lalake lang ang mag-aaksaya ng panahong sumulat sa TNL na MMDA

Dear Mr. Tolentino,

I write to you with much concern regarding your recently circulated letter to Inferno author Dan Brown. Apart from the fact that you spent actual time on taxpayer’s money writing a butthurt missive to a man who can barely string a sentence together, and for a statement that, let’s face it, seems fairly accurate to any human being with their senses intact, there’s another serious problem I would like to address.
You said that “our faith in God binds us as a nation,” among other faith-centric statements meant to convince Mr. Brown that Manila is a celestial gateway despite being a cesspool of literal and figurative filth. As a person who does not believe in any god, and at the same time considers herself very much a part of this nation—I’ve lived here all my life; I pay my taxes; I willingly risk my life traversing EDSA on a daily basis—I find this statement of yours grossly ignorant and very much insulting.
mmdaTo explain this to you further in terms you would understand, imagine that your “faith nation” statement was a pedestrian on Commonwealth Avenue. Before him is a massive expanse of asphalt with a nonstop swarm of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses zipping down it. It is obvious that crossing it is a downright dangerous, illogical act. In fact, there are even signs on the road islands explicitly telling pedestrians that crossing this avenue is the last thing you should be doing. Huwag tumawid—nakamamatay.
Your statement is that one, hard-headed pedestrian who decides to cross Commonwealth anyway despite all the evidence urging otherwise. You say that our faith in God binds us as a nation when the truth is that it does not. In fact, not even all of us have faith to begin with. What actually binds us as a nation is a mixture of necessity and common human decency; any other reason—faith included—now depends from one individual to another, and thus cannot be generalized. In fact, I daresay that what binds us as a nation is outright circumstance; we did not choose to be born in the Philippines, but we were, and now we have to do what we can to make the best of what is dealt us—and that includes participating in the workings of this metropolis, however faulty they may be.
I do not subscribe to any faith, but I have not gone on any manic crime spree as far as I know, and basically follow the rule of law in the spirit of common human decency. I know full well that I am not the only one like this, and that countless others who claim to have faith do not actually invoke their bond to their god whenever they do anything good and decent and humane.  The big, busy road that is Commonwealth is the reality of the matter, and at this point, your statement has been flattened like a pancake because of its own ignorance.
Is the metaphor a tad too harsh? I’m afraid I can’t help it, because I feel the need to stress how inherently dangerous such sweeping generalizations of Filipino citizens are. It is these inaccurate statements—that most Filipinos are Catholics or, at the very least, religious—that lead to things like the excruciatingly long (and ongoing!) suppression of proper reproductive health services in the nation; the fact that divorce remains such a contentious issue amidst overwhelming evidence that unhappy marriages birth abuse and misery; the election of idiots into public office; and, uh, the religious blessing of accident-prone parts of EDSA instead of working on proper urban infrastructure, among others. In case you didn’t notice, Mr. Tolentino, nakamamatay itong lahat. 
We hope you consider the content of this letter before you attempt to speak again on behalf of the populace.

Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon

Really?! You really had to write to Dan Brown? REALLY?

dito galing ang shit.

Dan Brown: Di Tunay na Lalake

Dahil nilabag niya...

Ang ikalawang rule ng Manifesto.

Napulot ni tunay na lalakenng Jonathan de Santos sa blog ni TNL Professional Heckler. Galing sa Wikimedia Commons ang letrato ni DTNL Brown.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alaala ng mga tunay na lalakeng naiwan

The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die
This is the end

1939 - 2013

Galing dito ang letrato.

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Ang tatay ng estudyanteng ito: Tunay na Lalake

Siya si Ramuel Spirituel Mattathiah Obadiah Darius Desiderius Abner Macaire Nowell Asa Izzy Zoon Politikon Trigg Gruffydd Keen Kemp Knowles Bonifacio Makabayan A. San Juan. Kuya siya ni Ratziel Timshel Ismail Zerubbabel Zabud Zimry Pike Blavatsky Philo Judaeus Polidorus Isurenus Morya Nylghara Rakoczy Kuthumi Krishnamurti Ashram Jerram Akasha Aum Ultimus Rufinorum Jancsi Janko Diamond Hu Ziv Zane Zeke Wakeman Wye Muo Teletai Chohkmah Nesethrah Mercavah Nigel Seven Morningstar A. San Juan CCCII at nakababatang kapatid ni Ramille Lewisse Marion To Kalon Zoe Vera Natalia Nadezna Zora Hosea Pro Patria Berenice Clotilda Currente Calamo Naomi Nahum Mehetabel A. San Juan. Tunay na lalake ang tatay nila alinsunod sa Anton Dulce rule--ang tunay na lalake ay troll.

Mababasa dito ang kwento. Galing sa Fezboobs ang letrato. 

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Ala-ala ng mga Tunay Na Lalakeng naiwan

Kontrabida Queen


galing dito ang picture.

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PCOS: Di tunay na lalake


1. Ang tunay na lalake ay di pumapalya.
2. Ang tunay na lalake ay di pinapasukan ng maraming maiitim na bilog na hugis itlog.
3. Hindi ganito ang lumalabas na larawan ng tunay na lalake sa Google.

Galing sa Ceby Daily News ang letrato.

Update sa pagiging tunay na lalake ng COMELEC

Addendum sa manifesto: Ang tunay na lalake ay naro-wrong send.

Salamat kay tunay na lalakeng James Miraflor.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

DTNL Kodak Moment

galing kay tnl tukmoltamulmol of aamp

Ano daw?

kuha ni tnl dadut enriquez sa papunta sa kapurpurawan rock formation, ilocos norte


Gatas ng mga misunderstood

salamat kay tnl Jhon Marvin Payumo

Kumusta araw mo tol?

galing kay tnl Francis Era Tanguilig

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Si Teddy Casiño ay isang Tunay Na Lalake

ang sinumang i-endorse ng TNL na Sabwatang Tomas at Onin
ay tunay na lalake.

salamat kay tnl tomas

Tunay Na Lalake Wonders of the World


 salamat kay tnl jr

Addendum sa manifesto

Hindi umiiral ang kontradiksyon sa tunay na lalake.

Salamat sa headsup ni tunay na lalakeng Kuya Kurt. Galing dito ang letrato.

Green Day:Tunay Na Lalake

ayon na rin sa justin bieber rule, ang tunay na lalake ay palaging misunderstood.

salamat kay tnl charlie flores.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Update sa pagiging tunay na lalake ng Supreme Court

Dahil garantisado ng tunay na lalake ang kapakanan ng kapwa TNL. May balita dito.

Galing sa Rappler ang larawan. Maraming salamat kay tunay na lalakeng Mike Ligot. Painumin mo na ang Hay! Men! team.

Addendum sa Manifesto ng Tunay Na Lalake

nagsusulat rin ng tula ang tunay na lalake.
pero ginagawa niya lang ito habang tumatae.

salamat kay tnl pj

DTNL Moment

galing kay tnl den c.a.

Ang mga Hudyo ay Tunay Na Lalake

salamat kay tnl magoo

Senador at party-list ng mga tunay na lalake

Dahil ang tunay na lalake, iboboto ang mga kandidatong magbibigay ng pang-inom, tutal wala namang magagawa ang mga kandidatong ito para sa bayan.

Aktwal na kuha ni tunay na lalakeng Ahente Probokador.

Pagkain ng Di Tunay Na Lalake

salamat kay tnl Bryan Balangue

Kumusta araw mo tol?

salamat kay tnl rob

Dear Hay!Men!: Tunay na lalake po ba ang mga pooser?

ang mga pooser ay walang pinagkaiba sa mga poser. huwag silang pamarisan.

galing kay tnl G

For medicinal purposes only.

galing kay TNL Victor

Dear Hay!Men!: Tunay na Lalake po ba si Mang Lando?

maliwanag na pinagkakakitaan ni mang lando ang katangahan ng kanyang kapwa. 
samakatwid, si mang lando ay isang tunay na lalake. 

nadampot lang sa fezboobs ni tnl promking

Ikaw ba ay nauuhaw ngayong tag-araw?

pampaalis ng uhaw ni tnl Cyron Agustin

Malaysia: Tunay Na Lalake

tunay na lalakeng bansa lang ang maglulunsad ng seminar to spot the dtnl. heto ang iba pang detalye.

salamat kay tnl Glenn Rivera

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sa ulo ng mga nagbabagang balita

bagamat ang pagbabate sa loob ng bus ay gawain ng tunay na lalake, ang tunay na lalake ay hindi nagpapahuli.

dadampot lang ni tnl James Palinsad sa fezboobs.

Kumusta araw mo tol?

salamat tnl jomari marquez

Gawain ng Di Tunay Na Lalake

bagamat lagi dapat malinaw ang intensyon ng tunay na lalake,

ang tunay na lalake ay hindi ganito kapag mga kapwa niya tnl ang kasama.

padala ni tnl anonymous

Si Dr. Rod ay isang Tunay Na Lalake

tunay na lalake lang ang kinokonsulta sa mga ganitong shit.

pinunit ni tnl Mito Cisnero mula sa isang magazine sa lobby ng isang hotel sa bangkok, thailand

Hay! Men! Gintong Aral

Galing ang litrato mula sa isang dtnl na sikretong grupo ng mga salsalero sa peysbuk

Ang Tunay Na Lalake ay di dumadaan sa pagkabata

Nahanap ni tnl Rob

Alam na

salamat kay tnl ZeyTE BroadBand

Andrew Lee: Tunay Na Lalake

salamat tnl cha lee

Si Blazin Hazen ay Tunay Na Lalake

ang pagkakaroon ng abs ni blazin hazen ay trabaho lang.

salamat tnl cha lee!

Aklat ng Tunay Na Lalake

salamat tnl cha lee

Dear Hay!Men!: Tunay Na Lalake po ba ang creator ng Bleach?

nagtatanong si tnl psyote kamote

Kainan ng mga Tunay Na Lalake

dito kumakain sa tanghali si jim at si onin.

galing kay tnl Rhomell Santos

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jack Enrile: Tunay Na Lalake

ang tunay na lalake ay ice cold killa

Paaralan ng mga Di Tunay Na Lalake

dito nagtapos ng kanyang PhD si danny arao.

galing kay TNL - lordsirc

Dear Hay!Men! : Paano po ba bumati ng 'happy birthday' sa makalalakeng paraan?

Nakuhanan sa fezboobz ni tnl Khei-Jhay

Si Heath Kufahl ay isang tunay na lalake.

ang tunay na lalake, pangalan pa lang alam na.

salamat kay tnl jake fajardo

Trabaho ng Tunay Na Lalake

galing kay tnl vincent

Mabuti na yung malinaw...

galing kay tnl homer

Pagkain ng Di Tunay Na Lalake

galing kay tnl edgar gwapo