Saturday, October 15, 2011

Toyama Koichi: Tunay na Lalake

Ganito mangampanya ang tunay na lalake.


  1. kaya pangit sa japan wala kaseng gardo versoza sa kanila na lumaban para makamit natin ang kalayaan na tinatamasa natin ngayon, salamat gardo tumay kang bayani

  2. DTNL ito. Una dahil hugis titi ang ulo. Ikalawa dahil nilabanan ng lahi niya si Gardo Versoza noong ikalawang digmaang pandaigdig... malaya ang mundo dahil sa kanya... nakakainom ka ng beer dahil sa kanya.. nakakapaginternet ka dahil sa kanya.... yun lAng pare... wag mo nang replayan ako ng kung ano-anong shit.

  3. Pag nanalo siya, siya ang magpapatupad ng larong Battle Royale para sa mga kabataan!

  4. What exactly is this cluelessness from Fest about a supposed “German feudalism”? Since it was Germany that gave the world Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Daimler, Benz, Bunsen, Schweitzer, Goethe, Schiller, and countless other geniuses, without other parallel in the West?

    Declaring Germany to have been under the grips of feudalism is nothing more than retrospective bullshitting after WWII. I have many relatives in the USA and Canada who were killed or maimed beyond belief by German armies in WWI and WWII so I have no particular fondness for the German nation personally.

    Yet in point of objective fact, Germany is probably the most evolved, most advanced and most inspiring Western nation in the world-- and this was established by the late 19th century with their achievement record, well before the BS of the World Wars.

    As for “wistfully looking at lost territories,” since the USA, Canada and UK are on the brink of losing half their territory in some kind of partition, under the best scenario, or losing their entire country from coast to coast under a worst-case scenario (non-Whites continue the demographic flood before we can claim regions for ourselves), I’d say that these former Allies in WWII have a much worse fiasco coming our way. (And I’m hardly sure it even has been one in practice for the “Prussians,” since it seems like just about half of them have a vacation home in East Prussia these days.) Unlike Germany which rapidly recovered from WWII with the economic miracle and is now standing on its feet, the Allies are well on the road toward self-destructing. A nation stuck in feudalism doesn’t turn things around on a dime the way Germany succeeded in doing in the early 1950’s-- the Germans succeeded only because they had so much built-in creativity, cleverness and innovation that they weren’t bound by idiotic strictures from the past.

    Even New Zealand and Australia are toast, I was in Auckland a couple years ago and Sydney last year, and about all I could find were 1. haughty and newly empowered Maoris with an “in-your-face” chip on the shoulder basically humiliating the Whites who are not far away from becoming a net minority in NZ, by around 2030, in the face of mass migrations of Pacific non-Whites and 2. even more haughty South Asians w/o any prior territorial presence in Aus/NZ basically displacing native White Aussies just like they do in the US tech industry, driving wages down and moving up the date of Doomsday for Australia, i.e. White minority status.

    IOW, as much as I’ve been a sort of diehard Anglospherist myself, I’m really getting sick and tired of the Anglosphere bullshit about being the most “evolved civilization” of the West. That’s been true for at best maybe 3/4 of a century or so, and it won’t be true for very much longer as we in the Anglosphere watch our nations die our excruciating deaths. In fact, it seems like the Anglosphere nations in particular who’ve been the bellwether in the Cultural Marxist self-destruction movement, and using their media to propagate the same PC bullshit elsewhere.

    Have you been to the UK recently? Do you have any idea how stiflingly PC the place has become? My cousins and nieces and nephews there certainly do, which is why basically all of them are emigrating (two of them going to Germany in fact). This is not exactly much of an indicator of a “healthy nation,” but one in its death throes. I used to be a sucker for all things WWI and WWII considering my own family’s heavy involvement in those wars for the Allies, but now I’ve come to realize that the Anglo-Saxons’ attack on our Continental Germanic cousins was the single worst blunder in the past half-century, and its assorted consequences are hurtling straight to our own destruction. Not something to celebrate in any form.