Sunday, May 17, 2009

Genaro Gojo Cruz: Under Consideration

Ang Tunay na Lalake ay bata ang ginagawa...Hindi kuwentong pambata.

Pero, nagawa niya lang ang mga bagay na ito sa kadahilanang... "trabaho lang".

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  1. naging prof ko to e. at masasabi kong siya ay tunay na lalake dahil ginagawa nya lamang ang mga librong iyon sa kadahilanang trabaho lang.

  2. wala wala kaming napala.. wala wala.. -kamikazee

  3. bakit ginawang cartoon si rhandee garlitos?

  4. literal na baklita si gener...kilala ko sha nung Torch days pa nya...

  5. Bakla si Genaro R. Gojo Cruz. Closet Queen. Wala nang iba pa. Mahilig siya sa mga boys,especially his students. Ayayay!

  6. Ang tunay na lalaki, may katawan at pangalan. Gusto ko ang site na ito dahil napagmumulan ito ng mayamang diskurso sa klase kapag ang paksa namin ay gender issues. Ngunit kailangan lamang na maging objective. Gudlak!
    -Genaro R. Gojo Cruz

  7. Hahaha! While I agree that I am "literal na baklita", would it be best translated in English as "literary gay"? Because I would disagree otherwise. I deserve a much more fabulous adjective. And of course, I resent the fact that somebody has to cover my face with a tacky flag. I think the flag belongs to where it hurts most, meaning the thing between someone's chauvinistic groins.

    And I did not come from PNU, ano? I just go there to deliver lectures, meet students and sign copies of my books. While I welcome the possibility of being associated with PNU (which is a school lovingly introduced by friend Genaro Gojo Cruz), my heart belongs to my alma mater, La Salle (kung saan ang tunay na lalaki ay pagkarami-rami).

    Rhandee Garlitos

  8. kilala ku si sir gojo . hindi naman nea nilalandi ung mga boys student nea . malay sa katotohanan . naging prof ku xa when i was in high school. isa ku sa pinakapasaway na student nea . haha ! lage ku napapatawa pag pinapabasa nea . and i cant stop myself from laughing ! aun . grabe . lalo na ung kwento nea sa luneta at sa loob ng PNU . kung panu xa nabuhay dun . FABULOSA ! HAHA !

  9. wala kayong magawa noh?

  10. He isn't a gay.

  11. Dearest anonymous blogger,

    First off, he is not gay.

    Maybe you are, since you are not man enough to show either your name or your freagin' face. Just like what sir Genaro had said, "ang tunay na lalaki, may katawan at pangalan"

    So yeah, if you really are "tunay na lalaki" HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY THAT TO SIR GENARO, not this way na you're hiding like some chicken sh*t.

    I know he does not need me to defend him or something but as a recent student of his in PNU and surely knowing him more than you do, I will not allow anyone like you to say things like that towards him. I respect him, like a lot. He has surely touched many lives, too many that I am I alone cannot count.

    Try to know him first. You might say that he is gay because of the way he moves or something, well that's is not enough proof to say that to him. Don't judge the book by its cover. It may have something to do with his background that's why he kinda moves that way. but seriously, I don't see any 'baklita' with the way he moves.

    As for your statement that "Ang Tunay na Lalake ay bata ang ginagawa...Hindi kuwentong pambata." wow, just wow. Can't believe that you have such low IQ level, level of those people who are uneducated and you share the same belief with them. You don't know how much I am laughing right now. Sir Genaro is one of the most creative, unique man out there who is very much concern about children's happiness, and wanted them to learn that's why he write such books. I even wish and hope that there will be more man just like him who has a huge, tender heart and can see and do what most man cannot.

    Nevertheless, I am happy to see that Sir Genaro does not seem to take you that much and be affected that much. By that, I can clearly see how high his level is compare to you and didn't allowed himself to be dragged by someone like you to your low level. Now that is a true man, knows how to handle people who hates and does not know him well and knows how to handle his temper, compare to you. He knows nothing but to be a great professor, be someone who multiply happiness, spread love and give real learning towards the truth of life. He is very humble and intelligent.

    BTW, baka mas gwapo siya ng hindi hamak kaysa sa iyo kaya ganyan ka na lang manghusga sa kanya, HAHA. Just say it so we'll understand :))

    And yeah, I'm a recent, PNU girl, butt-kicking student of his and I am not afraid to defend him. Tell another word of how gay he is, and I promise to have your head into a guillotine choke and have a taste of a nasty armbar. If that's not enough, I'll do a kimura onto you. That's how much I love and respect Sir Genaro, and I won't let anyone like you disrespect him in that kind of way.



  12. AND BTW,

    what is the definition of your "tunay na lalaki"? Those man or guys who only know nothing but to impregnate woman as much as they can and leave them?
    Nah, don't think so. Those are man who also does not have the BALLS to stay by one woman and raise the kid that they have. A number of kids that you have with a woman does not measure of how man you really are.

    Besides, what's wrong with being a gay? Being a gay is actually a brave and bold act, going beyond of the saying or something that is believed to be illegal or act of disgrace.

    well, same person here. I'll kick you in the head instead since you don't seem to have any balls anyway.